March 1st, in Like a Lion

I’m sitting in my office today working on getting my e-book back in circulation. Looking out the window I’m glad I’m inside and have a nice warm place to work. It’s only 13 degrees outside so the snow that is blowing everywhere is very light and fluffy.

Backyard Wedding Basics


Ahh another winter storm has arrived. We have had some days of spring like weather to tease us, but it’s always short lived this time of year.

Back to my project… winter can’t last too much longer and then I’ll be outside most of the day, every day. That means I need to get moving on my inside projects, now!

Hope your Saturday is productive, and I’m hoping mine will be too.

Teri : )

Spring Is In The Air

The wind has started blowing and the temperature is rising. It’s still freezing at night but during the day we are getting rain and seeing the 40’s…Yea!!20131229_153051


This is the time of year I get antsy. I have tables to sand and paint, projects that have been waiting for better weather. It’s still too cold to work in the garage and I really shouldn’t sand in there anyway. I need to be on the lawn so the sanding dust doesn’t coat everything. Aw, more waiting. I guess I could gather my supplies while I wait?!

I have to plan things out more these days. With my daughter in the Running Start Program I don’t have my car whenever I want it. I didn’t think I would miss my car that much, but I sure do!! I just feel more caged in.

So I’ve got a case of the winter blues. The sun is supposed to shine today and that always makes me feel better. How do you cope with the winter Blues?

Teri : )


My Spring Project ~ Tool Shed

Ok, so everyone is on Pinterest right?! That is where I get all my cool ideas. My husband wishes I never would have found Pinterest. I know that sounds harsh… but I really think it’s true. :)

I get goosebumps just thinking about how cute this will be when: the door is fixed, the windows (which I need to get the glass panes put back in and frame worked on) are in, the paint is scraped off (I do like the color and plan to get the same) and repainted, It gets a new roof with water drain, and is stabilized on it’s foundation.

Whew!  It does need a lot of work… minor really for how beautiful it will become in a short while. Oh! And… Jaryd my 12 year old son is making me two window boxes, one for under each window. After a few other details are looked after it will be to die for.

After my projects are completed my husband usually admits it really does look nice. This is for his yard tools too…  so it really was a good find?!  :)

What’s your spring project?

Teri :~)